SFUSD Finances Garcia email to supporters on 9/27/12:

“In 2010, it was noted in a SF Chronicle article that Norman was one of the worst offenders of using taxpayer dollars and a government credit card for personal expenses.”
Norman Yee has never had a district credit card.
“Board members Sandra Fewer, Rachel Norton and Norman Yee turned down the credit cards and seek reimbursement for district expenses.” - SF Chronicle (10/4/2009).

In fact, as School Board President Norman put an end to credit cards.
“Board President Norman Yee suspended the use of credit cards by all board members and ordered an audit of expenditures” - SF Chronicle (7/9/12).

Norman Yee has never used district money for personal expenses. As President of the School Board, Norman has managed a $400 million dollar budget, supervised hundreds of employees, and introduced meaningful reforms to safeguard taxpayer money. Norman has ended wasteful spending at the school district while overseeing significant gains in academic achievement.
JROTC Garcia email to supporters on 9/27/12:

“Norman Yee has campaigned aggressively for progressive policies such as eliminating JROTC.”

Statement by Garcia at SFSU Forum 9/28/12:

“I would tell the audience to go to the Chronicle 10/21/2008 and find out what Mr. Yee’s opinion was on JROTC.”
Garcia keeps misleading voters by referring to a SF Chronicle article that was corrected:
“A story Sunday misstated San Francisco school board member Norman Yee's stance regarding the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps program. He voted against eliminating the program and maintains that position.” -SF Chronicle (10/22/08)

In 2011, the JROTC program was brought to the School Board because it was out of legal compliance. To protect the district from a lengthy and costly lawsuit, Norman authored a resolution to protect the program and extend it. (SF Chronicle 6/14/11)
Public Nudity Garcia email to supporters on 9/27/12:

“In an effort to pander to progressives, “Candidate” Norman Yee was written about in the Bay Area Reporter that he supports…public nudity.”
Two weeks before Garcia sent an email to supporters falsely accusing Norman Yee of supporting public nudity, the Bay Area Reporter published:
“School board President Norman Yee, running in District 7, said that he is ‘not a supporter of public nudity’” - Bay Area Reporter (9/13/12)
Leland Yee Garcia implies that Norman Yee’s high name recognition is a result of voters confusing Norman Yee with a fellow Chinese American elected official State Senator Leland Yee.
“We think that’s happening,” said Garcia. -SF Weekly (9/24/12)
What’s the confusion? Norman has been working in the community for over thirty years. He was elected to a city wide position in 2004 and again overwhelmingly in 2008. Since January, Norman has been going door-to-door introducing himself to District 7 voters.
Values Garcia email to supporters on 9/27/12:

“Sadly, Norman Yee has shown a complete lack of character and important core values throughout this campaign.”
Those who have worked with Norman know that he is a man of integrity. Norman Yee was twice selected School Board President by his peers. When he decided to run for District 7 Supervisor, Norman was endorsed by every member of the Board of Education and a majority of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Norman Yee’s values are demonstrated by the fact that he has worked on behalf of San Francisco’s children and families for the past three decades as Executive Director of a children services agency, college instructor, advocate for public education and father to two successful daughters.

Norman Yee has always run clean and positive campaigns and encourages his opponents to do the same.
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