Create Healthy Neighborhoods

Make Quality Healthcare Affordable

Access to quality healthcare continues to be a problem for many San Franciscans. As our city’s population ages, we must recognize the need for increased health services, citywide.

The primary obstacle for many other San Franciscans, is cost. The Healthy San Francisco has proved to be an innovative, successful program for delivering healthcare to thousands of previously-uninsured residents. Under Healthy San Francisco, participants have regular medical examinations, prescription coverage, and access to specialists.

Norman Yee believes that preventive medicine must be emphasized. It is far better—from a health and cost perspective—to be keep people as healthy as possible, as long as possible.

Protect Our Environment

As stewards of urban and coastal environments, we must stand firm in our commitment to improving our streetscaping, our parks and our natural areas. Likewise, we must implement policies that are environmentally-friendly to set aggressive recycling and composting goals.

We can do this by expanding our urban canopy in neighborhoods and establishing parklets as open spaces in District 7. Norman Yee also believes it is critical that we invest in the maintenance of our public parks, and dedicate ourselves to completely restoring Lake Merced to its former glory.

Making Our Community More Pedestrian-Friendly

Having been hit by a car while crossing the street, Norman Yee understands how critical pedestrian safety is. District 7 has several areas that are real danger zones for pedestrians including 19th Avenue, Portola Drive, Sunset Boulevard, and Lake Merced Boulevard.

As a community, we need to establish a Safe Streets program that includes traffic calming measures to ensure safe passage for everyone.