Norman running strong in the District 7 race (余鼎昂否認退選傳言)

world_journal.gifBen Kwan of the World Journal covered a house party in his article, where Norman mentions that he has been campaigning since February. Of the eight candidates, he believes that it will be down to four. In addition, Norman says that he is in the upper half compared to the others -- each of whom has no campaign experience. Based on feedback from guests at his house parties, Norman gathers that the issues that are most concerning to people are public safety and traffic. Guests have also noted that District 7 is not an immigrant working-class community, therefore it does not have to attract or assist more small businesses. Norman has collected 700 signatures, and he believes that running for supervisor is much different than running for the school board. 



I deny Ding Aung, withdraw from the election rumors

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I Ding Aung, Chairman of the current San Francisco Board of Education (Norman Yee), announced earlier this year to run for City Council of San Francisco seventh constituency, since the constituency has eight candidates.I Ding Ngong camp is in full swing to run outside but recently rumored that he decided to withdraw from the election.

To clarify when I ding Aung, 23, attended the Neighbourhood and gathering, the election work smoothly, and is busy from house to house to publicize their platforms to voters, and no intention to withdraw from the election.

I Ding Aung engaged in education for more than 40 years, had twice run for public office (San Francisco Education Committee) experience.

He said that, since even their own, including a total of eight candidates, it is estimated that the final remaining four higher.He believes that regardless of reputation or volunteered in their own best advantage, since February electioneering work never stopped.The other seven candidates have no campaign experience, so far only one person to hire a professional campaign manager, recently launched publicity, and the remaining candidates nothing happened.He is far ahead, never thought of withdrawal of candidature.

I Ding Aung pointed out that the June California primary confusion, San Francisco voters and the election to the City Council voted in November.He also said that the campaign City Council Education Committee, the Board of Education is the citywide City Council only constituency to increase the degree of difficulty.However, I think Ding Aung constituencies redrawn in his favor, a slight increase in the scope of the seventh constituency, plus the two polling stations.

The life of many residents of the seventh constituency diligence is enjoying a post-retirement benefits.I Ding Aung months of knocking at the door visits, found that voters are most concerned about public safety and the increasingly crowded traffic.The area is not the working class constituency, and he wanted to promote small business development.

I Ding expensive to help the electoral college has collected 700 signatures supported.He said that the supporters must be a constituency of voters, so be careful review, it is estimated that the valid signatures of about 500 people, he was confident that before the end of the weekend to 600.

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