Norman Yee Takes Action After SF School Board's Spending Questioned

sfgate.pngFor the third time in less than four years, The Chronicle has uncovered a pattern of excessive and questionable spending by a San Francisco school board member, a practice that has continued despite district promises to increase oversight.

Board member Kim-Shree Maufas spent almost twice as much as any of the six other board members through April of the past school year, spending thousands of dollars on meals and transportation in San Francisco, personal computer and phone equipment, books and photocopies, among other expenditures charged to taxpayers.

Board President Norman Yee suspended the use of credit cards by all board members and ordered an audit of expenditures after The Chronicle raised questions about Maufas' spending in mid-June.

"Here I'm going to have to punish everybody because of one person's behavior," Yee said. "I wish we could trust people's judgment."

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